This book is fast paced and action packed!

Definitely wanted to keep reading to find out more! Kudos to the author for having minority characters and not using them as tokens. Reading the story through the eyes of Noah really gives it a familiar type of feel. Definitely pick this up if you are into dystopian fantasy!

-Sadee Thomas-


In one word, this book is exciting!

I didn’t expect so much action. There is barely a breather, but it doesn’t leave you feeling drained. The writing is smooth and in some place, it had a fairy tale feel, which only added to the story’s overall appeal.

If you’re looking for some imaginative dystopian that is out of the ordinary, check out THE EXXTINCTION.

Is “epic dystopian” a thing? I know epic fantasy is and dystopian. If it wasn’t a genre before, this book should make it a thing.



I have always been a sucker for good apocalyptic fiction, and J.A. did a great job writing a unique twist on the apocalypse. I loved the unique idea of pitting the sexes against each other in what i took to be an allegorical representation of the men vs. women political struggle currently engulfing our country with #metoo movement. Zombies meets the battle of the sexes.

-Brian Gates-


A great action novel that puts the sexes against each other in an allegorical war on oppression. Symbolism and political issues aside, it’s full of awesome action.